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Jul 26, 2019

Bathco: Vintage and More

‘Vintage’ is not only a glimpse into the past, but an attitude. It is an attitude that recovers enduring designs and breathes new life into them. It is about visiting yesterday before moving on to tomorrow.

Bathco has been dedicated to this for some time, delving first into hundreds of iconographies, selecting them and then scoring them into their pieces. The process has always been of craftsmanship, work nurtured in their own workshops, design by design,
piece by piece, just with their hands and the know-how typical of those who have spent a lifetime perfecting their technique.

Tropical – A hundred years ago, painter Paul Gauguin moved to the island of Martinique to capture the colours of the tropics that obsessed him – to evoke his vivacity, his energy.

Bathco vintage style has survived the test of time, mocking the passing of fashion. Bathco  designs flow and adapt themselves to all kinds of home environments. They also remind us of who we are and allow us to travel back to our own past, our roots and our memories.

Yet, above all, they are timeless, a classic book whose pages can always be read over and again because they talk about what really matters: the essence.

The fleur-de-lis has been considered an emblem of divinity. In reality, its apparent simplicity has a special beauty to it.

Bathco have been designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of bathroom products for 38 years, a period of time in which they have crossed borders thanks to their intuition and know how.

Nowadays, looking back at the past, Bathco is proud of being present in five continents. The secret may have been the fact of incorporating the latest technology in their work but without forgetting their roots.

Traditionally the fleur-de-lis has been considered an emblem of divinity. In reality, its apparent simplicity has a special beauty to it.

An important part of Bathco business strategy is the permanent dedication to invest in design, quality and innovation. Based on these three pillars hey develop constantly new products in order to resolve customer needs and to adjust to the tendency changes of the market. Therefore, Bathco collaborates regularly with well-known industrial designers and research centres.

Floral decoration is practically a divine art in Japan. It’s called ‘Ikebana’, which means ‘giving life to flowers’. It’s essential to remain silent while practising this art.

Take a look at some of the beautiful and intricate detailing of these washbasins now available from Bathco. Here, vintage style never looked this good!

Arthur Lasenby was a 19th-century London merchant who popularised the Liberty print, which was directly inspired by the floral ornamentation of Belgian Art Nouveau.

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