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Jun 10, 2019

5 Ways To Spoil Dad With Jeeves This Father’s Day

After putting in the hours at work, attending your sporting games, being the captain of fun and adventure, Father’s Day provides an ideal way to show your appreciation to dad for all those years of care and support. Not that you need an excuse, but Father’s Day gives the perfect way to let dad know how much he means to you. And a heated towel rail is an ideal gift to do just that, bringing warmth, sophistication and indulgence to his bathroom experience.

Jeeves Classic C Heated Towerl Rail

We take a look at 5 of our top ways to spoil dad with Jeeves this Father’s Day.

  1. The Jeeves Classic C

Luxury is one of the top requirements on our list of spoiling Dad.  And the Classic C Heated Towel Rail is a great starting point.  With its impactful ,asymmetrical design of groups of bars (4+4+5), this accessory has a majestic height of just under a metre, bringing a striking look to the bathroom.  Equally at home in a classic themed room with a mirror-polished stainless steel finish, opting for the matte black version of this chameleon like accessory, introduces a modern edge, bringing a chic style to the room.

  1. Jeeves Spartan F

When it comes to spoiling dad, trendy bathroom elements are a must have item.

Being on trend combines cutting-edge comforts and the best in innovation aka the Jeeves Spartan F – a design creating a magnetic tension of regularly spaced horizontal bars offset by their asymmetrical number (of 7 in total).  Lending an air of expansiveness, the Jeeves Spartan F Heated Towel Rail will spoil dad with space to enjoy two deliciously warmed up towels, perfectly rounding off his bathroom experience after a hot bath or shower.

  1. Quadro Q

Aesthetics contributes to the overall enjoyment of the bathroom.  This essential component is beautifully encapsulated by the contemporary design of the Jeeves Quadro Q Heated Towel Rail.  Consisting of 10 horizontal tubular bars divided into groups of 3 + 7, the emphasis of this design lies in its expansive width, framed by the contrasting geometrical vertical bars, setting this model apart as a breathtaking focal point in the room.

  1. Tangent X

Combining function and form, the Jeeves Tangent X takes spoiling dad to a whole new level.  Commanding attention as a gravity defying, freestanding design, this Jeeves’ offering is a statement artwork which promises to spoil dad with a spa-like experience. Enhancing the bathroom as a stylish living space, the Tangent X boasts the attention to detail of the Jeeves craftsmanship, where the ultimate in bathroom comfort meets a timeless elegance.

  1. Tangent I

This plug an play model epitomizes simplicity – both in design and in its function.  With its built- in power cord, the Jeeves Tangent I can be immediately used, without the need for an electrician.  Based on the highest safety standards, this captivating silhouette from the Jeeves Tangent Range provides a delightful way to warm up towels.  Additionally, the plug and play functionality increases the flexibility of this heated towel rail – enabling it to operate in any room of the home where there is a power outlet.  Dad can also enjoy this simplified, minimalist rendition of the heated towel rail which brings an expansive feel to the room, an element synonymous with pampering and luxury.

Wrapping up

While Father’s Day may be one day of the year where dad is officially celebrated, spoiling dad with any one model from the Jeeves Heated Towel Range will make it a day to remember.   Best of all, giving a gift of a Jeeves Heated Towel Rail means, in fact, that you get to celebrate dad every day of the year, bringing him the enjoyment of warm, toasty towels 24/7/365.

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