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May 12, 2017

5 Ways to Spice up Your Bathroom on a Budget

Are you looking for simple yet effective ways to add life back into your bathroom? Now you can turn it into that special retreat you always hoped for, without breaking the bank. Consider our top tips to help you spruce up this essential room in your house on a budget.


Change the entire look and feel of your bathroom by simply adjusting the light intensity and fittings. With so many exquisite lighting options on the market today, select something unique to complement and enhance the feel of your bathroom.


A splash of colour will immediately update the interior of your bathroom and give it added rejuvenation. Select a contemporary paint colour for the walls, add an interesting artwork as focal point, or be brave and opt to paint the bathroom ceiling in a vibrant hue. Monochromatic bathrooms are also very on trend at the moment, so you could opt for a contrasting palette of black and white to make a bold statement.


In smaller bathrooms, storage space may be a problem. Find innovative ways to store your toiletries, towels and other bathroom essentials. Use available wall space to mount shelves, crates or storage boxes which can function as an interesting feature and multipurpose storage solution. Modern storage cabinets, shower caddies and luxury over-the-bath trays are also great solutions to help house your everyday grooming essentials. Window Treatments

By simply changing your window treatment, you can quickly update your bathroom without spending a fortune. Modern blinds, curtains and shutters are excellent options to help maintain the amount of light you want in your bathroom. These are also great for added privacy and will change the entire look of the room. A fresh, new window treatment may give your bathroom much-needed renewed energy.


Fresh plants will do much to add life to any room. Whether a beautifully displayed hanging succulent or small plant that will thrive in a moist space such as a bathroom, bring a touch of greenery into your bathroom and enjoy the presence of the natural world right inside your own personal bathroom retreat. Visit www.sadecor.co.za for a vast selection of Sanitaryware and Tiles

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