4 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Sanctuary

Create a relaxing bathroom retreat where you can unwind and enjoy the tranquility of your home every day. Here we share four ways to help you turn your bathroom into a space of relaxation and style.

    Bring in Nature with Organic Touches

Nature has a way of soothing and inspiring relaxation, especially within interior design. There are so many wonderful lessons we can learn from nature and it is certainly a wonderful way to embrace peace and a zen-like atmosphere in the bathroom.

Bring in organic materials such as rattan, mixed textiles, stone and more for a beautifully rich and tactile experience in the bathroom. If you’re looking for a natural disposition that will also be low maintenance, add elements that hint at nature such as wood-look tiles for a natural and beautifully organic feel.

2. Carefully Consider The Lighting

Lighting has an amazing way of setting the ambience in a relaxed and inviting space. The same is true in the bathroom. Add a touch of luxury living to your bathroom with quality lighting such as a crystal chandelier, wall sconces and more to enhance your space.

Add a feature to dim the lights and further elevate the zen-like atmosphere of your precious bathroom. Remember to add a few candles to help add a little glow and set the mood in a sanctuary bathroom too.

3. Make Your Bathtub A Feature

If you’re upgrading your bathroom, be sure to choose your tub wisely. Make it a statement piece in your bathroom – whether Victorian, classic, modern or contemporary. The right bath tub can certainly help to set the tone in your space.

We love a modern curved tub that will add a beautiful sleek finish to your space. Add it as a central feature in your space and position your tub in the middle of the bathroom as a beautiful statement.

4. Earthy Tones Are In

Colour is important. Soothing tones in the bathroom will help you create a peaceful retreat. Earthy and neutral tones are on trend – not only calming but also timeless. Choose a paint colour or tile colour to enhance the earthiness of your bathroom and create a tranquil and inspired space for relaxation.

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