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Sep 24, 2019

10 Tips For A Stylish Small Bathroom with Maharani

Do not neglect your small bathroom. Even the tiniest room has great potential with the right layout and furnishings. Here we share some great ideas to help you create designer appeal, even in a tiny bathroom!

  1. Don’t skimp on finishes

Create instant elegance by upgrading your bathroom finishes. Don’t skimp on a small space because you’re not sure how to elevate the style. The good news is that a smaller bathroom may actually be cheaper to renovate as you’ll most likely require fewer materials such as tiles, mosaics and more to complete a designer look.

2. Add a modern backsplash

Bring some colour and life to a small bathroom with a contemporary backsplash. We love modern mosaics or shaped tiles for a punch of colour and texture in a smaller bathroom. You don’t need to tile a bathroom from floor to ceiling. A simple backsplash behind a bath or sink can add designer appeal in one easy step!

3. A bold mirror

Shop around for a bold, bright and beautiful mirror that you love. There are so many great options on the market today so be sure to look around for the perfect find. We love round mirrors and those with interesting textured frames. However, a timeless frameless mirror could also be a welcome addition in a minimalist space. A bathroom mirror will also help to reflect light in a small space!

4. Choose a vibrant colour

Don’t be scared of colour in a small bathroom. A simple lick of paint can add colour and energy into this space, so be sure to choose something bold and appealing. We love the trend of black and gold; or you may want a burst of freshness with a bright coral or aqua tone on the walls!

5. Add textured elements

Texture creates definition in a small bathroom. We love a mix of organic materials to offer fresh, natural ambience so play around with natural elements like rattan baskets, wooden crates, textured rugs and soft drapes for added texture in your small bathroom.

6. Add floating shelves

If your small bathroom lacks storage space, make the most of any wall space with customized floating shelves. These can be custom cut to fit any available space and will instantly add to your storage requirements in a small bathroom. No space for shelves? What about that underused area above a doorway?

7. Beautify your windowsill

Add some decorative touches to a small bathroom window. Here you can add fresh greenery or complementary decor to suit the new colour and style of your space. A simple item can add modern appeal.

8. Change your lighting

Go for something glamorous and change out your old light fittings for modern sconces or a bold chandelier. This will add elegant appeal in an instant!

9. Add a designer rug

A bathroom rug, even a small one, can add colour and texture to your space. Shop around and find the perfect designer rug to elevate your bathroom and add to the comfort level underfoot.

10. Add decorative trays and more

Don’t leave clutter on your bathroom counters. In a small bathroom, make the most of space with decorative trays and caddies to house your toiletries and neaten your space.

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