Redesigning the Spaces of Baglioni Hotel Carlton

In the heart of Milan, Jumbo Group redesigns the spaces of Caffé Baglioni and Montenapoleone Terrace Suite for a luxury immersive experience with the finest interior design and furnishings.

Livio Ballabio, Jumbo Group’s creative director, chose the refined charm of Gianfranco Ferré Home for the Caffé Baglioni.

An amazing selection of furnishings and accessories to express the essence of Milanese elegance in all its power. The Caffé thus acquires a masculine character, revisiting in a contemporary key the typical cigar room environment of the 50s.

Connected to the main apartment of the “Montenapoleone Terrace Suite”, the junior suite wears Gianfranco Ferré Home style to create an enveloping, delicate and comfortable space with a contemporary and ambitious taste.

An exclusive interior design proposal, able to reflect the true essence of Milan lifestyle, intended as an expression of a cultured and refined taste and a new vision of intellectual elegance.

In the main apartment of the “Montenapoleone Terrace Suite”, the more exclusive one, the absolute protagonist is the Jumbo Collection, a classic line able to express the concept of luxury at the highest levels according to a new, more contemporary and brighter approach.

The delicate colour palette in the shades of beige and olive green, embellished with golden touches, creates a refined setting, in which are positioned the pieces characterized by precious marbles, such as cloudy onyx, and crystal.

A mix of elements create a cross-cutting interior design project, in which oriental and French inspirations come together in an eclectic mix, expression of a new dimension of classic style.

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