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The company was birthed in lockdown out of the need to craft a birthday present with limited resources. These constraints provided the creative impetus to convert beautifully made vintage items into bespoke light sculptures. The process of giving new utility to vintage items that have no current purpose into items for ambientlighting, device charging and even audio through Bluetooth speakers.

The line between art, form and function being blurred as the new utility of the items in no way reduces the aesthetic appeal of these items from our childhood that can now be re-enjoyed in a new light. The objective is to lend new meaning and purpose to those beautifully made items, ranging from meat grinders, tools, rotary telephones, sewing machines and some items that we have even forgotten their use.

We create unique lighting solutions for ambient lighting to the bedside, desk, kitchen and lounge areas of the home. We craft not only lighting solutions but incorporate technology such as Bluetooth speakers, USB charging ports and wireless charging to created bedside technology hubs out of long loved vintage items.

We also stock a range of fittings, lampshades, Raylon cords and materials for those who which to repurpose their own items. The company also runs workshops to assist you if prefer creating in a group.

We have all the light-sculptures on the website on display in our Melrose studio, but can ship to any destination.


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