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From designer textiles and bespoke wallpapers to customised prints and luxury fabrics, we bring you the latest designs and innovations to add style to every wall and surface in your home or office.

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  • Andrea Brand Design

Andrea Brand Design

Andrea Brand Design

Andrea Brand Design

Life inspires me on a daily basis and I want to fill the world with beauty that evokes inner movement and change. As a brand the Andrea Brand label is focussed on bringing unique, high-quality and leading edge contemporary surface designs to the global market. This is coupled with collaborations with local service providers and interior designers. The Andrea Brand collections are all digitally printed on high-quality, eco-friendly fabrics. Explorations into printing on upholstery, wallpaper, and wood have been very successful and the use of luxurious fabrics, like silk and silk hemp, has resulted in a fashion/lifestyle range.


32 Barnet Street, Gardens, Cape Town
T: 021 433 2597
M: 082 825 3011