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Step Inside A Luxury Lodge
by Wanda-Michelle Interiors

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    Step Inside A Luxury Lodge by
    Wanda-Michelle Interiors

    Africa is renowned for its breathtaking resorts and lodges, often attracting some of the world’s elite. Besides the natural landscapes and picturesque settings of these luxurious lodges, the interior design is often elevated to new levels of sophistication and magnificence.
    Safari experiences are currently all the rage as guests travel from around the globe to visit these pristine locations. The design of such lodges is often a mix of sleek design and rugged appeal.

    About Wanda-Michelle Interiors

    WMI offers professional interior design, decorating, and décor services throughout South Africa, with Cape Town and Johannesburg offices.
    Timeless design: We are experts at ensuring our designs and projects remain current. As Wanda-Michelle says, “ we have installations we completed well over ten years ago that still look modern and chic… a few cushions may have changed, but nothing more”. With such a design ethos, your investment is in good hands.
    Custom designed & manufactured furniture: While some interior designers purchase directly from showroom floors, bespoke furniture is a hallmark of WMI projects. Custom manufacturing allows designers the freedom to colour co-ordinate and make full use of areas. More often than not, it is far better value than simply purchasing directly from showrooms.
    For over twenty years, Wanda-Michelle Interiors have helped clientele achieve their visions. We pride ourselves on our abilities to offer sound financial prudence and professional management no matter the scope of your project.


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