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Clip Metal Insert Finish
by Wolkberg Casting Studio

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    Clip Metal Insert Finish by
    Wolkberg Casting Studio

    The beauty of the Adorn Clad Tile option is the precision and attention to detail that goes into each handmade tile. When polished the tiles can look as if they have been dipped in gold, silver or copper. The metal flows over the edge of the tile shape as though it were molten lava. These fully clad tiles are elegant in their own right.

    The benefits of the fully clad Adorn tile is that it is suitable for floors and walls. Semi precious metals are resilient and can last a lifetime, even with harsh wear and tear on a high traffic floor.

    About Wolkberg Casting Studio

    Wolkberg Casting Studios is a multidisciplinary design and manufacturing company focusing on industrial design and innovation. We have innovated in material science by creating our own material called Limesite™which is a high performance concrete.

    From this material we manufacture an array of products including and not limited to tiles, surfaces, furniture, lighting, architectural and art pre-casts. Our factory in Ruimsig has always been a place where design is celebrated and elevated. It has been a long time coming and we finally have our very own showroom in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. Come see, feel, and interact with our exclusive Limesite™products.

    The space serves a number of functions; it is not your typical showroom but rather a place where products can be seen and tested, as well as a location where we will have several events to elevate and promote South African design. For architects, we’ll hold CDP events, and for interior designers, we’ll have exciting product debuts.

    Most significantly, it will be the location of our podcast, “In the thick of Design, “where we will talk about design, industrial design, interior design, and architecture.


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