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Korea Sausage Dog
by Rialheim

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    Korea Sausage Dog by

    When designing this little avid hunter dog breed, Nicola came into the studio and said: "OMG!!! Look, there is KOREA" We all looked around a bit confused not knowing how we can look at Korea, or what it is that is going on. Turned out that's what happens when you ask your 7 year old Daughter what she wants to call the new daschund family dog.

    Use your Korea Sausage Dog bookend to shelf the story books you loved most.

    About Rialheim

    This is the story of finding @Rialheim - land. Where dinosaurs come to life when we are fast asleep. Where our dreams become reality when we are awake! It’s here, from @Robertsonwinevalley, that we offer a variety of handcrafted collections made from quality African Clay. Our inspiration is drawn from current trends and a sense of nostalgia whilst others evolve from our more quirkier side.


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