Lumen 8

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GHOST 4×4 CusFin 3Pin
by Lumen 8

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    GHOST 4×4 CusFin 3Pin by
    Lumen 8

    A ground-breaking design

    ​An industry-first switchgear system where the cover plate fits flush with the wall. By matching the cover plate with the wall finish it blends in, giving rise to the name “Ghost”.

    This range does require extra care in planning and installation. Builders and electricians should be made aware of the requirements.

    About Lumen 8

    Lumen8 designs and manufactures beautiful bespoke switchgear to compliment any interior style. We assist in specifying your tailor-made switchgear down to the finest detail by collaborating with architects, engineers and home owners. Whether subtle or bold, the effect is always distinctly Lumen8. We look forward to being of service to you.


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