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Scatter cushion-hand dyed avocado
by Hooga Homes

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    Scatter cushion-hand dyed avocado by
    Hooga Homes

    Avo slipcover was the main inspiration behind many items on this site, colourings too.

    The varied shades of pink that the green avocado can offer are truly beautiful and brilliant, so earthy and authentic.

    The 100% cotton calico is treated to a hot vinegar bath and then placed in a Avo dye bath for 24 hours. The Avo colour is extracted from the pips and skins which takes up to 48hrs.

    All the slipcovers are unique and once you have selected your purchase you will be contacted to see images of current available covers for you to choose from to suit your individual preference.

    About Hooga Homes

    Welcome to Hooga Homes, we are a authentic self designed online home decor store, bringing you a feeling into your home.

    The store consists of atmospheric and comfort components, such as handmade candles, ceramics, macrame plant hangers and natural dyed fabrics.

    Hygge pronounced Hooga is a Danish concept – ‘a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being’

    When you walk into someone’s home and it feels like you would love to live there – that to me is Hooga.

    We are environmentally conscience and aim to use sustainable products: packaging, natural dyes and soy wax.

    Hooga Homes store has all the components you will need to create an atmospheric interior, which appeals to our senses and feeling of well being.

    “Feel your home”


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