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The Flower Pot
by ChrisX – Art, Metal & Woodwork

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    The Flower Pot by
    ChrisX – Art, Metal & Woodwork

    This inspiration came from my wife, she walked into the garage while I was working and saw a heater fan on the floor…”that will make a pretty flower.” When I worked on the flower idea, she walked in again and saw the brake booster…”can you clean this up and use it for a pot for the flower?” So ladies and gentlemen I present Mrs. H’s Beautiful Flower Pot.
    It is 67cm tall and weigh 3.1kg.

    About ChrisX – Art, Metal & Woodwork

    Reclaiming, Preserving, Upcycling, and Art have always been a part of me.

    The art on these pages is mainly made of things found in the scrapyard or antiques that were broken. Every piece has a unique serial number and a certificate of authentication.
    If you are interested in a piece please send me an email to find out if it is still available. Should you have an antique piece that you want to make into a useful item, talk to me.


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