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The unknown benefits of uPVC windows

We are still amazed that windows and doors made of uPVC can have so many benefits. The more research is presented, the more impressive it becomes. Let’s take a quick look at what makes uPVC windows and doors so surprising:

Energy & Cost Saving For the last few months, home owners with uPVC windows and doors installed discovered their energy bills significantly lower. Now that spring is here, they are going to continue to see those savings as the same doors and windows are now keeping their homes cool. Fitted with either single or double glazing, uPVC keeps the home comfortable all year round because temperature transfer through the windows and doors is limited.

External Noise Reduction For homeowners who live close to other dwellings, railroads or busy roads, this is a big one (and can even have a positive effect on the value of your home). uPVC double glazing reduces outside noise which makes a huge difference to your peace of mind. This home in Cape Town needed windows and doors with sound reducing characteristics as they live close to a railway line. Suddenly living in the city is almost like being out in the country.

Increased Safety We all have safety front of mind here in South Africa, but did you know that not all windows and doors are created equal? REHAU’s uPVC actually makes it harder for an intruder to break in. Plus, all multi-point locking hardware can be installed into their windows.

Low Maintenance REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors are manufactured from high performance uPVC which means a lot less hassles for you. uPVC requires only an occasional wipe down. Windows and doors made from material other than uPVC rot, rust, and need to be re-painted. uPVC windows and doors can be made to match your existing look: functional, pretty, and long lasting. rehau22 rehau23 rehau24 Contact: Rehau

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