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Grecoline – High Quality Aluminium Systems & Accessories

Grecoline brings the best of Europe to your home. With a wide range of aluminium products and accessories, they easily take on new projects or renovations and supply high quality systems that last.

Grecoline service both upper-end residential and commercial developments while creating customized solutions for the needs of clients.

Why use Grecoline?

European Products
Grecoline imports the best aluminium systems and accessories from Europe. This allows the company to provide high quality, modern materials and components. What’s more is that Grecoline has the know-how to accommodate any design with the help of their specialized engineering team, whilst offering clients alternative solutions that suits their needs and simultaneously reduces costs. All products provide high aesthetics that complement modern living.

Custom Size Manufacturing
All aluminium products are custom-made accommodating the clients and architects preferences and specifications. The aluminium frames are assembled by specialized technicians using robotic machinery minimizing the possibility of errors and allowing for perfect finishes.

Grecoline focuses on safety which is one of the most important issues in South Africa. Therefore we use multi-point locking mechanisms which are concealed perimetrically within the frame. This prevents forceful entry utilizing tools. The glazing is installed from the inside of the frame, which prevents removal of the glazing from the exterior. Furthermore the client is given the option of a variety of glazing possibilities to enhance the safety of the windows. Sensors are an extra feature that is offered within the frame to trigger the alarm should someone attempt to tamper with the window/door.

Grecoline offers single, double and triple glazing solutions that comply with the Association of Architectural Aluminum Manufactures of South Africa (AAAMSA) in terms of design criteria and safety. Our clients have a large variety to choose from depending on their needs. The client can choose Low-E glass for efficiency, toughened or laminated for extra safety, acoustic glazing for noise reduction, obscured, tinted or mirrored for privacy, and always manufactured according to the South African regulations and specifications. Furthermore, Grecoline provides architects or engineers the U-values of products, assisting with energy efficiency calculations.

Make the right choice for your next build with Grecoline.

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