uPVC – more than meets the eye

Are all windows created equal? With a myriad of choices on the market, home owners and builders alike are faced with critical decisions. Aesthetically, your window choice represents your style and personal taste. But in reality, the windows and doors chosen for your home reflects so much more. Inefficient windows and doors are difficult to maintain, lack safety features, and ultimately make your home uncomfortable. So what is really going on with your windows, and are they all created equally? Here are a few things to look out for when purchasing windows and doors.

Double glazed windows or doors are uPVC frames fitted with two panes of glass with a space, filled with either normal air or argon gas, between them. The two panes of glass and the air gap between them acts as a layer of insulation stopping the passage of heat or cold from outside into your home, thus keeping the inside of your home comfortable year round.

The REHAU special three-chamber design also works to create greater thermal efficiency, keeping your home warmer in winter but cooler in summer (which can result in lower energy bills for you year round) and, with double-glazing, outside noise levels are significantly reduced. Plus, for those who are security conscious (who isn’t, here in SA?) the large chamber means that galvanised steel reinforcements can be inserted for more strength/rigidity.

REHAU SA’s uPVC window profiles are designed to house special security locks and strikers, shoot bolts, security hinges, and other intrusion resistant measures. Plus, all multi point locking hardware can be installed in windows and doors to further deter burglars. You can sleep better knowing you are protected by uPVC. Of course, what’s a window without looking good?

The uPVC profiles are supplied in white or you can choose from solid colour laminates or a range of woodgrain laminate options on special order. uPVC gives a whole lot of options to help you sleep better, more comfortably, and safer, all rolled into one beautifully crafted window. Rehau SA offers dedicated support for architects and an array of highly certified authorised partners for available for your project.

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