Timeless Elegance With Plantation Shutters

A favourite amongst interior designers, timber shutters add timeless elegance and value to any home, whilst aluminium shutters also contribute security and peace of mind! The installation of shutters offers a stylish, easily adjusted light control alternative during the day with proven insulation and ventilation properties, which means that you also ultimately save on heating costs in winter and cooling in summer.   Shutters also fulfil a dual role, by adding a layer of security, and are far more aesthetically pleasing than burglar bars or other conventional crime barriers. Local leading shutter company Plantation Shutters® supplies the premium sector with custom-made adjustable louvre timber shutters and aluminium security shutters. These superior quality shutters are individually crafted and offer a stylish, solid and durable alternative to window coverings such as curtains or blinds. “The increase in demand, year on year, for both our timber and security shutters is evidence that home owners realise the functional, aesthetic and financial value that quality shutters provide,” comments Lisa Watt, Managing Director of Plantation Shutters®. Plantation Shutters® offers seamless service with an incredibly short lead time of 21 working days from order to installation. The skilled team fastidiously measures each opening ensuring a perfect fit, optimum functionality and ultimate customer satisfaction. The benefit of installing industry leading and locally manufactured Plantation Shutters® means that you receive unparalleled excellent before and after sales service and a 5-year product guarantee, proving that they really are the most sought after option when it comes to adding durable style, security and value to your home!

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