REHAU’s energy saving uPVC windows and doors

South Africa is a country known for its subtropical, warm and temperate conditions, popular with locals and foreigners alike.  So when do these ideal conditions become too much of a good thing?  When you have to spend your hard earn cash cooling your homes to make them comfortable.


Thank goodness there is an alternate solution;  REHAU windows and doors limit temperature transfer as they are fitted with either single or double glazing, ensuring your home is comfortable all year round. Double glazed windows or doors have uPVC frames fitted with TWO panes of glass with a space of 12mm to 16mm between them.  The gap between the two panes contains either normal air or argon gas which acts as a layer of insulation, inhibiting the passage of heat or cold from outside into your home,  making it energy efficient and saving you money. The other great thing about REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors is that they are made to last.  They are manufactured from special, high performance pvc.  This means windows and doors made with the REHAU system are tough and durable, keeping their glossy looks for many years. Time to make the intelligent switch to REHAU’s energy saving uPVC windows and doors and spend your hard earned cash on something enjoyable.


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