Frameless Glass Stacking System

Design that looks effortless is a great asset to any space, especially when you can view previous projects that encompass the quality, which is why we advocate the Sunflex SF25 slide and turn system’s timeless design. Suitable for outside enclosures, such as balconies, terraces, patios, restaurant areas and stadium suites, the frameless glass stacking system can be used to create a flexible, contemporary and useable open space internally as room dividers for both living and working environments.


Their key features include noise reduction by up to 11dB, minimum impact on existing architecture, timeless design with no visible sightlines, weather protection from the elements, slim construction ensures maximum opening space with smallest stacking area, internal drainage channel track to remove any condensation or flush track option and are super low maintenance and fully guaranteed. There is a community of happy customers who are wholly satisfied with the extra value it added to their property, reduced external sound and easy installation process. Looking for a simpler and cleaner design, then try Sunflex SA: Frameless Glass Systems


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