American Shutters: In The Summer. In The City.

In the summer. In the city.

City living has a unique energy. Addictive to some, the lights, the connection and the action of the urban environment are invigorating and definitely a way of life.

However, one of the compromises urban dwellers often have to make is access to personal outdoor space; with small terrace-like balconies or roof-top gardens the best they can hope for.

Here are AMERICAN shutters’ top three tips on how to make the most of these unique outdoor spaces and enjoy summer in the city:

Work with the space you have

Choose the right size furniture for the space and layout of your city apartment balcony. Create interesting vignettes that are both practical and pretty i.e. using a wall- or railing-mounted bar counter with bar stools on a narrow balcony, or installing a welcoming daybed in a small box-shaped enclave.

Using the vertical space of your balcony for décor and storage or even a vertical garden – this could be made up of hanging baskets, wall mounted pots or a built-in green wall.

Make the space work for you

Be smart about the furniture you choose. Multipurpose furniture such as a bench that doubles as a storage kist or space-smart furniture that is collapsible such as hinged wall-mounted tables that can be lifted into use only when needed.

Be creative with lighting, string lights or hanging lanterns take up little space and can have a lovely impact.

Work out how to integrate indoor and outdoor living

Integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces to create the illusion of a bigger connecting space by maximising the opening to the balcony. Install shutters that can be completely opened for great indoor-outdoor flow and securely closed when safety and privacy are paramount. “Indoor-outdoor flow in a small apartment can be tricky. Security gates that swing out and impede ease of movement and heavy curtains that get sucked and swirled by the breeze are impractical and a nuisance” says Karina Palmer, interior designer and marketing director of AMERICAN shutters. “However, security and privacy are so important especially in a high-density urban environment.”

Installed inside or outside, Security Shutters are available in various configurations i.e. sliding By-Pass shutters that stack on the wall beyond the door opening or Bi-Fold shutters that concertina to one or both sides.

“Our Security Shutters have a unique ‘Gear Tilt’ system that allows the louvres to be opened and closed simply by tilting the louvres; no tilt rod needed. This makes for a streamlined design with no tilt rod protruding beyond the open louvres or interrupting the view between the louvres.”

When closed Security Shutters give up to 90% light block and complete privacy, perfect to shut out city lights and peeping neighbours.

“You can also install them outside along one or two sides of your balcony or enclose it completely. For the full outdoor experience, open the shutters completely, and then close them to create an extra room that is private and safe,” concludes Karina.

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