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American Shutters offer wooden slat blinds

For a house to become a home, we need to focus on two essential things: comfort and quality. Often blinded by the aesthetic of a product, we tend to be swayed only by its design appeal rather than the effect it will have on your household. For homemakers, building up comfort in their environment  comes natural to them, which is why American Shutters feel the need to share the importance of how to look for a balance of quality and design when purchasing blinds. 1AmericanShuttersWooden-slat-blinds-27 Just like the approach you take to investing in fabrics, crockery, furniture and a high thread count in linen, so too should you be putting the same amount of effort into your choice of blinds. When channeling energy into the intricate finishes for your home,  we think about every corner, feature and detail, which is what American Shutters aims for with every customer’s needs and specifications.   Giving the utmost thought and individual attention to new and existing clients, American Shutters will not compromise on quality.  Many people know what they want, order the product, proceed with payment and wait for delivery without ensuring their needs are met. This is not the case when it comes to American Shutter blinds; their objective is to complete the experience with bespoke finishes and a customised look for each independent customer. AmericanShuttersWooden-slat-blinds-28 Majority of blinds are imported in bulk amounts and then cut to size locally according to the specification of the order, resulting in a limited choice of finishes, additional features and customised options for those with unique needs. American Shutters managing director, Stephen Palmer is in the blinds game so that people have access to feature customised options. He offers two slat widths which allow in more light and ventilation, decorative and cloth tapes to hide the ladders and six valance options in a beautifully framed design that hides the aluminium head rail and increases the visual impact of the blinds “With a palette of 50 stains and colours to choose from, as well as the option to custom finish our wooden slat blinds in the colour of our customer’s choice, our blinds can truly integrate and enhance a broader interior design scheme or architecture.” 25AmericanShuttersWooden-slat-blinds-25 Contact: American Shutters

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