It’s All In The Details with GM Custom Curtain Rods & Decor

When it comes to the overall look and feel of your interior spaces, it’s all in the details. From the selection of finishes and fabrics, to the quality of the small accents and functional design elements that help to complete the look of your favourite spaces. At GM Custom Curtain Rods & Decor you will find a selection of superior home products to help you create a harmonious space that is well put together.

They offer custom made curtain rods, finials, tiebacks, furniture and décor accessories to suit the look of your home. Here’s an overview of what you can find from GM Custom Curtain Rods & Decor: Finials: Over and above 80 different finials to choose from, GM Rods can make and replicate old finials if you should need to match an old or antique piece. Their unique hand blown glass ball finials can be paired with wood, stainless steel or mild steel rods.

Wooden Rods: Custom painted curtain rods are available in wood from 34mm up to 105 mm in diameter and they can offer you up to 6 meters continuous lengths in their wooden rod range. Mild steel and Stainless steel range: A unique choice of finials and rod endings can be ordered with quality tracks attached or without in case of eyelet style curtains.

You could opt for a lightweight option of aluminum rods with the tracks attached, available in the very popular metallic colour range including Rose gold, Antique Gold Bronze and German silver. Art: GM Rods also curate some local artist and photographers. Original art, as well as limited edition embellished canvas prints and photographic prints, can be purchased or commissioned. Crafts: They have sourced some local crafters and offer metal wall hangings of the big five as well as rural fired clay pots that can be painted in stone black and rose gold or natural.

If you need to upscale an item, the staff at GM Rods have been honing their skills for more than 15 years and can match most paint finishes if you supply them with a clear sample. Furniture: Their Carpentry team can custom make most bedside, coffee or occasional tables or renovate and paint an old one to match your other items. Mirrors: They offer over 60 colour and paint finishes for curtain rods and can be applied to any old or new mirror to match the rest of the décor theme.

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