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Windovert: Change Is As Good As A Holiday

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re feeling a bit of cabin fever. You’ve likely also had to cancel travel plans which only exacerbates those feelings. Well, if you can’t escape to the places you love then why not bring them to you? We’ll help you take inspiration from your favourite destinations to make your home feel like a whole new world.


  • An Island Retreat

Sandy shores brushed by a gentle breeze with rustling palm leaves dipping into crystal clear waters. To recreate these blissful feelings at home, choose nautical colours, like white and shades of blue, with bottle green for accents, and opt for natural light wood or whitewashed furniture. Driftwood is so versatile and can be used as a statement piece, or as a functional item, such as a table, bowl or candle holder. Be sure to include natural woven fibres and handcrafted pieces for a rustic island vibe. Shells, coral, rope, leafy designs, and mosaics will complete the picture, and a carved wood room divider will really set the scene. Lantex fabric or wooden Venetian blinds are the perfect window coverings for this coastal look. If you want to go all out, you could even get an aquarium, or a hanging chair, or you might even have room in the garden for a hammock. Hang wooden wind chimes to add some ambient seaside sounds and you’re all set. All that’s left to do is name your island.

  • A Chic European Apartment

Keep it sleek and simple with clean lines and classy finishes to achieve this look. Off-whites with gold, silver or copper accents will do the trick. Choose minimalist art, cashmere throws and café style furniture. Functional simplicity is the objective with the décor; opt for marble, glass and clean metal in geometric shapes with high-gloss finishes for an air of luxury. A multi-level coffee table and floating shelves are a must, with perch stools at any high surface. Shutters will add genuine European flair, but if they’re not an option, roller blinds will also suit this sleek style. Consider installing chandelier lights to get you swinging to the next level. And last but not least, terrariums will help add a splash of colour and life while maintaining an elegant look. You’ll be living in the pinnacle of modern style in no time with just a few thoughtful changes.

  • An Eastern Escape

Perhaps you prefer to travel east to appreciate the customs and traditions of Asian cultures. Bring eastern aesthetics into your home starting with greens, oranges and golds as the go-to colours. Bamboo is yet another versatile wood that can be decorative and functional, you can even install lantex blinds for a more authentic look. Lantern style standing lights or candle holders will immediately set the mood, and you’ll want to include lots of nature with bamboo or ficus plants and a well-placed bonsai tree. Artwork featuring cherry blossoms, orchids or other oriental flowers will add a delicate touch, even better if you can find them on porcelain plates or wooden inlay boxes. Poufs around a low table will add some flair, and if you’re lucky enough to find a shoji screen it would tie all these elements together perfectly.

It may seem like a big task, but this can be a project you take on over some time, and if you have souvenirs then you’ve already made a start. Coffee table books featuring your favourite places are another way to satisfy wanderlust while at home. And music can transport your mind to a different place in an instant, so why not fill your home with the typical tunes of faraway lands and take a musical trip. If you can’t transform your entire space, then maybe just pick one room. After all, change is as good as a holiday.


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