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Shutters May 3, 2021

Windovert: Add Levels to Your Life

Are things feeling a little flat? We’ve got some great tips to help you take your décor to another level!

We tend to keep things eye level without even realising it, yes functional items need to be at suitable heights, but this can leave a lot of empty space bursting with potential. There are many design choices to make to take advantage of the vertical space in your home. We share some ideas below:

Shelve It

Floating shelves can fill spaces in between and create new possibilities. Under the stairs, above a desk, on either side of the television; you can use interesting arrangements and make the most of empty wall space with an array of floating shelf designs. The best thing is, you can get simple floating shelves at most home décor or DIY stores. Ladder shelves are another option with variations available that include drawers and even work surfaces. They can be a great all-in-one solution if you’re a little tight on space. With these simple solutions, you’ll be able to express yourself with new display areas. Be sure to use items of varying heights.

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors open up a space. Big mirrors open it up even more. A tall, freestanding mirror tilted slightly upwards will draw the eye and add a new dimension to a room. Stand a potted plant or another décor item adjacent or opposite for extra use of levels and to create eye-catching reflections. If you’re concerned about little ones or boisterous pets, then a tall mirror on the wall will also add height and depth.

Light It Up

With wall lights, pendulum lights and standing lights you can have all levels covered with some clever placements. If you have a corner that doesn’t offer much function, give it purpose and turn it into a feature with a tall standing lamp. Moving upwards, you can fit wall lights to illuminate and elevate areas that feel a bit flat. Another bright idea is to install a pendulum light above a coffee table or similar area to add a bit of vertical flair and make your space pop.


For window coverings, there are a few options where Windovert is fully equipped to assist you. Vertical blinds have the objective right in their name; they draw your eye upward and give an elegant, elongated look. Or if you prefer, roller blinds and Venetian blinds are sleek and simple, and when opened up reveal uninhibited widow openings that feel less vertically restricted. Our blinds are available in a wide variety of fabrics and colours to compliment your aesthetics.

Let It Grow

Get some potted plants and stand them right on the floor. Get a few of varying heights and arrange them together or spread them out around a room. This is a fantastically simple way to make use of both low and high levels with minimal effort. A boring corner can come to life with a Fiddle Leaf Fig or Parlour Palm, or place a Bird’s Nest Fern on a windowsill or shelf to give the space a lift. If you’re really committed, consider an indoor hanging plant with trailing growth to maximise vertical space and make things lively.

Level up your home with just one or two of these ideas and your space will feel uplifted already.

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