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Brighten up Your Kiddies Rooms with Colourful Blinds

Bring joyful colours into your little one’s space with these bright ideas for big personalities.

Your little ones have big personalities and bright ideas that their spaces should reflect. Our aluminium Venetian blinds,roller blinds and vertical blinds come in a wide variety of colours and patterns that will add a new dimension to their rooms, and we want to help you find the perfect match.

Let’s start with the bold – those who can’t get enough of their favourite web-slinging or red-caped hero. Fuel their heroics and make them feel even more super with our Red or Space Blue blinds. They’ll be starting every day with a big KAPOW!

For the ones who love forests, fairies and fantasy, or even noble knights, more natural colours such as our Pastel Green or Gulf Blue will inspire grand quests worthy of legends. Imagination will run wild with enchanted forests, mythical creatures and kings and queens in grand castles. Next thing you’ll be digging a moat.

If you’re living in the midst of a future superstar who can’t get enough of all the glitz and glam, then our Silver Star or Gold Star blinds will shine just as brightly as the twinkle in their eye. A little sparkle does wonders for creative energy.

Blinds don’t have to be an after-thought in a fun theme, in fact, they can tie it all together. If you have grand plans for your kiddie’s décor then head to our online shop to explore more options, there are loads more colours where these came from.


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