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There’s no better feeling than being in nature, so why not recreate that feeling indoors this season? These 3 nature-inspired home decor ideas will have you reconnecting with nature in no time!

  1. Island Blues & Sandy Beaches

Let’s make your home feel like you’re on a serene island. A woven beach basket over here, a striped sea-blue cushion over there, and you’re on your way to transforming your home into a private island getaway! For more beachy blue and sandy beach vibes, make sure you stick to light cotton fabrics on your cushions and bright, airy colours such as light beige and white on your walls and floors. Our woven wood, bamboo, or roller blinds will add the finishing touch to your island style.

  1. Forest Greens & Dark Wood

Dark ensembles, like a dark wood coffee table or lounge suite, against a soft white palette, will give your home a fresh, earthy essence. Add some forest-like greenery, and you’ll be soaking up all those enchanted forest feels. If you’re into this look, our Wooden Venetian Blinds are the perfect piece to bring together your whole look, with various colours, grains and textures to add to your outdoor fantasy.


  1. Desert Gold & Palms

Turn your home into an oasis with a touch of gleaming gold and some rich, warm colours. Oranges, ambers, brassy browns, and palm greens are the perfect colour combos. Focus on infusing these colours with potted palms and peach pampas where you need a bit of life and height, and use straw flowerpots for extra texture. Our Aluminium Venetian Blinds are available in a range of natural colours that will perfectly complement this theme, including Satin Gold, Marble Camel and Metallic Dune.

Nature is inspiring in so many ways, so why wouldn’t you want to spread that energy throughout your home? We hope we’ve given you some bright ideas.

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