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Effective Blinds & Awnings: Selling a Lifestyle

At Effective Blinds & Awnings, they don’t simply sell blinds, they sell a lifestyle! With great feedback from clients, the company is pleased to close the year on a high note, looking ahead to even greater projects and installations in 2018.

During this year, Effective Blinds & Awnings have provided the best possible sun control solutions to many happy clients. In the effort to create homes that owners love, they have offered quality products and window treatments that continue to add style and function to many homes around the country.

“We have received great testimonials of quality products installed, efficiency and workmanship.” A block out Duette® Skylight blind was installed for a well-rested client. His response was: “Thank you for the perfect product. It is the first morning since we moved in six months ago that I could sleep till I woke up.” More about Skylight Blinds: Although Skylights add light and life to your home, it can create too much heat and even too much cold. With a Skylight blind the baking sun which makes a room uncomfortable can now be controlled. Skylight Blinds are available in light filtering or room darkening fabrics and can be operated manually or motorized for skylight windows that are hard to reach.

Skylight blinds are ideal for Saving energy by lowering heating & cooling costs, reducing light in rooms when needed, reducing noise, easy to operate hard to reach windows that are motorized. The service provided by Effective Blinds & Awnings is formulated to make the experience of installing blinds and awnings easy, comfortable and professional. A total change of lifestyle and time to restore a normal sleeping pattern.

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