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Create a Cosy Outdoor Space to Enjoy Through Winter

The winter chill is here and we’re spending more time keeping cosy indoors, but you shouldn’t write off enjoying your outdoor spaces when there’s so much potential to make them fit for winter. We’ll give you some tips and ideas on how to transform an outside area into a comfy cosy winter space.

First, you’ll want to keep the cold out. An awning overhead and drop-down awnings around the exposed sides of your outdoor area will keep you protected from the elements. Alternatively, transparent and semi-transparent patio blindsallow you to maintain your view while shielding you from wind and rain. You could also consider Windovert’s Techwood shutters or V-Lite Aluminium shutters. They are a very effective way of creating “another room” out of your patio area to enjoy during the winter months. At Windovert, we have a wide selection of awning, shutter and blind solutions suitable for outdoor application and custom manufactured to your exact requirements.

Now that you’re keeping the cold out, you’ll want to create some warmth inside. If you have a fireplace or built-in braai adjacent to the area, then you’re already winning, if not, there are a few heating options to choose from, but we would recommend a gas patio heater. These are very efficient and effective and can heat a fairly large space especially if you don’t have too many gaps for warmth to escape from.

Finally, you can add some finishing touches to help radiate the warmth and keep you comfy and cosy. Ideally, you’ll want ultra-comfortable furniture, but whatever you have, you can spruce it up with some chunky cushions and snuggly blankets or throws to curl up in. You should also incorporate an outdoor rug. This can define an area, but also keep your feet off of the cold floor and prevent too much heat from being lost there too.

For some finishing touches, consider warm white fairy lights to create an inviting glow or a few candles for a cosy atmosphere. Lantern style candle holders would be perfect.

After all this, you’ll be so roasty toasty you’ll only wish you’d done it sooner!



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