Aluglass: Frameless Glass Doors

The practice of turning a bathroom into a haven of relaxation is primordial, hence the beautiful bathhouses of the ancient Greeks and Romans. However, these civilisations would have been envious of today’s frameless glass shower doors. First off, it looks very stylish. The lack of hard edges and cold metal allows light to stream across the room, making it feel bigger. Frameless glass doors also show off the tile work in the shower, often overlooked. Secondly, frameless glass doors are surprisingly strong, as they are made from sturdy material and can be quite thick. As there is very little metal in the shower, replacement due to corrosion is also much less of an issue. The frameless glass door can open in both directions, making placement easier and offering greater convenience when in use, i.e. the door can be opened inwards rather than out when reaching for something so as to avoid wetting the floor. In addition, there is less mildew and mould in a frameless glass shower as there is no frame for water to lodge in and host the fungi; this also makes it much easier to clean as there are no nooks and crannies that can’t be reached. Finally, frameless glass doors are sealed with rubber to prevent leaking, and are custom-made to fit the required space, again a convenient design element and a good way to ensure a leak-free fit. FramelessGlassDoors Contact: Aluglass


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