Marcia embraces 50: First Stop, Amsterdam

The remaining days of Summer are all mine as I embrace the duality, design, culture and colour palette that is Europe. My first stop on this week of celebration of travel as I embrace 50 is Amsterdam. : a city that I always return to because of its frivolous, exciting sense of lifestyle. I’m welcomed to my comfort zone of Radisson Blu. Last week I was enjoying their space in Johannesburg for business and now I am occupying their luxury and refined attention to details for pleasure. Situated in the city centre of Amsterdam, our hotel places visitors at the heart of the City of Canals’ Old World charms and bustling modernity. The buildings composing this Amsterdam hotel contain a colourful and vivid history as 18th-century merchant houses, a 19th-century vicarage and a former paper factory, and I can’t help but be smitten by the lineage. There are historical structures house guest rooms replete with modern comfort and style, an elegant brasserie known for fresh delectable cuisine and a relaxing fireside bar. We have access to a modern fitness centre, which is a super win for me, as the gym is part of my daily regime at home. We’re about to explore and do some sightseeing. Check in soon Marcia xx  

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