Glamping with Old Mac Daddy

Luxury is not only found in hotels these days. It’s quite the contrary actually – teams are sprouting up from existing networks of tourism and accommodation and seeking alternatives for individuals or groups who enjoy diverse options when it comes to the areas they choose to sleep in. One company who is creatively going beyond the modern approach to ‘glamping’ is Old Mac Daddy: a creative series of Airstream caravans that bring a different character and essence to each design. Their thinking behind the idea was simple: source the Airstreams from the US, create a getaway place really beautiful and call on the community to come up with the designs. Since 2010, the project has seen them welcoming guests to getaway from their rigid routines and enjoy nostalgic fifties caravan holidays in Elgin.  The look of the lodge was created by Tracy Lynch, who adopted a neutral palette to detox the riot of colour and ideas within the trailers and to marry the experience with the natural beauty all around. The spectacular Barn and communal area was imagined by architect, Greg Scott, and the furnishings were chosen largely from a collection by local designer/producers Pedersen + Lennard. The Old Mac Daddy project has won a Gold Loerie Award in the Three Dimensional and Environmental Design Category – Interior Design Temporary Structures. They have taken glamping to a new level, and we can’t wait to check them out in real life.

Old Mac Daddy


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