Timeless décor that won’t break the bank

Good interior design doesn’t date. Yet often the price tags of timeless furniture and fittings can serve as a strong deterrent. The good news is that these pieces can often be found in second-hand furniture stores, or for sale online, and you won’t have to trade in the family silver to get your hands on them. Consider some of the following items that will help you create that timeless feel without breaking the bank:

Wingback chairs – leather or otherwise – have become classic pieces. Refurbish a tired piece by choosing a fresh fabric and having an old chair reupholstered. It will cost you less than buying a new chair, and you’ll have a unique piece. Victorian dressers, from bedroom pieces to display dressers, can offer shelving and drawers to house anything from fine china to cookbooks and trinkets. Scour local second hand shops for a wooden dresser, give it a light sand and a polish to make it look as good as new; or paint it with a colour of your choice to cover up any imperfections and create a modern piece that fits in well with your existing décor. Antique or vintage wooden headboards can often be picked up for a song. The trick is knowing how to recognise a quality piece and training your eye to see your vision of a space in the finer details. Learn how to give your home a trendy but timeless look with an interior design short course, approved by leading South African homeware store @home. The 10-week part-time short course, which starts on 18 June, is presented entirely online throughout South Africa and can be completed anywhere and any time. Whether for personal or professional pursuit, the Interior Design short course will teach you the skills to design and decorate interior spaces using an industry standard program, SketchUp. Learn how to draw for interior design, choose design surfaces and finishes, select furniture, choose colour, textiles, fabrics and lighting, and understand the business side of interior design. For more information or to register for the course visit www.getsmarter.co.za and choose “Interior Design” from the left hand column.


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