Maretha Olivier: head of the Interior Design

There is a saying: “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams

House Ber Photo-Credit Nico van der Meulen
House Ber Photo-Credit Nico van der Meulen
One of The Design School’s very own, Maretha Olivier, head of the Interior Design department, believes that she needs to equip future careerists with the right skills to one day become successful industry professionals. “Interior design is the type of creative career that allows you to experiment with spaces and test new and unusual ideas. Sometimes the experiment will fail, but that is the best way to learn. By allowing myself to make mistakes, I have learnt how to be a better designer,” says Maretha Olivier. She has always believed her strength is to create concepts and think of new designs for interior spaces. Her broad range of experience within interior design and extensive industry knowledge has given her the upper hand in expertise and encourages students to put themselves out there and enter competitions to showcase their talents. No day is the same, so her job is never dull. One day, she may be lecturing students and the next, attend Homemakers Expo and physically build an installation with the students. Interior design is a great profession; you take a concept from inception and see it all the way through until it is physically realised. This is what is so unique and gratifying about the subject. You get to see your creation physically in front of you. Her advice to interior designers is to keep pace with fast-moving trends and places great emphasis on networking as the interior design sector is an industry where what you know is as important as who you know. South Africa is in its own realm of design and ideas. We are no longer just copyists. We are seeing the emergence of our own identity, which aligns with the global trend towards sustainable or ‘conscious’ design. There is also a demand from people wanting ‘green’ designs which minimise energy and wasteful consumption of resources. Anyone interested in a career in BA Interior Design, apply at The Design School SA
House: Ber Photo-Credit-Nico-van-der-Meulen


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