Interior Design course now offered at Vega

Encouraging students to develop a thorough and imaginative approach to creative problem solving in the context of any human environment.


We all know Vega, the school bringing innovative lessons to hungry students in branding, marketing and design. Well, now they are offering a course in Interior Design.   “There was demand for the course in Cape Town, given the city is the ‘design capital of the country’. The cosmopolitan nature of Cape Town, with residential properties experiencing strong demand from European buyers, means there is a need in the city for international best practice in interior design and decoration,” says Kevin Lazarus, principal of the Vega Cape Town campus. All of The IIE degrees available at Vega aim to give students a holistic view of the subject matter and a sense of responsibility towards socio-economic conditions. In whatever they are designing, their intention is that students and alumni have an eye for whether materials are recyclable, or whether something can be redesigned for better functionality, such as ensuring low-cost housing is more energy and water efficient, and to foster their entrepreneurial spirit. This qualification provides students with a clear understanding of three-dimensional design analysis, scale/proportion, spatial sequence and other architectural components. Lateral design approaches are developed in which briefs are solved at a variety of levels and with an integrated experimental approach to problem solving. Design briefs encourage students to engage with design influences such as economics, ergonomics, anthropometrics, cultural influences, social context and location. Students will also be introduced to various interior design applications including drawing, presentation, surveying, material studies, construction, specifying, context and history of design, drafting and computer-aided design (CAD). “Before making a life-altering career choice, there are some things you ought to know about the design world.  It’s a challenging career, and that doesn’t appeal to everybody. But if you want a career guaranteed to excite you, our style of teaching at Vega will open doors to a lifestyle you never thought possible,” concludes Lazarus.  
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