Greenside Design Centre offers careers in design

Interior design is a multifaceted discipline that deals with the design and construction of indoor environments. From inspired concepts through to detailing and project management, interior designers are responsible for creating spaces and places that are stimulating, functional, user-centred and sustainable. Interior Designers are creative people who enjoy solving problems and have a strong ability to visualise in three dimensions. Areas of employment include interior design and architectural practices, office furniture companies, kitchen companies and the design teams of large corporations, government departments, hotel and retail chains. The profession encompasses a wide range of fields including domestic and residential design, leisure and hospitality, corporate offices, retail environments and exhibition design. Potential employers include interior design and architectural practises, shopfitting and furniture manufacturers, exhibition/event companies and the design departments of large corporate institutions, hotel and retail chains. Designers influence every aspect of our lives, from the apps we use, to the chair we sit on, to the book we read. Designers research what people need and do, and come up with inventive ways to make our lives more rewarding, more engaging and better. Greenside Design Centre is an accredited and internationally renowned design institution in Johannesburg, South Africa. They specialisesin design education, awarding degrees in Graphic Design, Interior Design and Multimedia Design. We graduate leaders in design thinking and design practice, feeding both local and international markets.

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