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Training Dec 16, 2016

ArtiCAD: Designed to help you sell

Designed by designers for designers

Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, what makes ArtiCAD special is their design software, online room planner, online roomstyler and design presentation technologies. articadrender3 All their software developments and service innovations are designed to help you sell more easily and quickly. They are simple to use, with a software that is intuitive and easy to use, it’s unique flexibility compliments and showcases your own design skills. 3articadrender1-2 With just a day’s workshop style training (included as standard with every copy of the software) or a couple of hours using their online tutorial, stunning room designs can be created in just ten minutes. The quality of both the manufacturer-specific and generic graphics guarantees stunning 3D presentations wherever and whenever you need them – in showrooms, on desktop and laptop computers, on tablets, smartphones, online and via email. articadrender2 To find out more, follow the link here

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