Why a garden is as good as a holiday

Your garden is a place of solitude and sanctuary where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get more in touch with your roots. Connecting with nature needn’t require a safari deep into the wilderness or a strenous hike up the mountain – as wonderful as these actives are – sometimes a brief meditation session in your back yard is all you need to clear your mind and enjoy the tranquillity of Mother Earth. But what’s a garden without a little bit of comfort? Enjoy creating a beautiful abyss of calmness in your exterior living space using your favourite furnishings and decorations as inspiration. Take meal times outdoors and invest more hours of the day in relaxing on a plush outdoor cushion and watching the clouds. Outdoor areas are becoming more popular than ever among contemporary space planners and designers, as humans realise the need to get out of the concrete jungle and into lush environments where greenery and splendour is abundant.

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