The Smartest Indoor Garden

Plantui believes that everyone deserves a garden. Smart Garden™ helps you to grow pure, great-tasting and healthy plants- indoors, no matter what the season! Plantui Smart Garden™ is a three-in-one device which allows you to garden for germinating, growing and or simply up-holding plants (holiday mode). The soil-free indoor gardening service combines innovative plant technology with an intelligent led light system in a beautifully-designed product, so you can grow herbs, special salads and edible flowers – from seeds to fully grown plants – in just 6 to 8 weeks; year round. Plantui, designed and manufactured in Finland, was launched in Denmark May 2014. Seeds are sold in Plantui Plant capsules together with specially developed nutrients. Inspected Plantui seeds are non-GMO, natural, not treated with any chemicals. The brand’s portfolio consists of 30 different plants. 18 LED lights have been designed to provide the perfect growing spectrums for each plant. The lights adjust to growth phase and and growth pace. Plantui Smart Garden ™ is so easy to use, no previous gardening skills are required! Plantui also offers a computer-guided growth process to drive the light system and very specific hydroponic irrigation, using less than 60kWh per year.



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