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Pudlo: A Look At Swimming Pool Finishes & Trends

Summer is on the horizon and it’s the perfect time to get our outdoor spaces in splendiferous condition. Swimming pools have become an essential. They are as much of the aesthetics of a home as any interior. We get the low down about the latest trends and swimming pool finishes from the experts at Pudlo.

Pudlo specializes in the supply of pool finishing materials and has always supplied the vital ingredient Marbelite – a cement based finishing coat pool plaster that is designed only to be in swimming pools. Made from white or grey cement mixed with Filla Dust or Marble dust and waterproofing, it creates a seamlessly smooth surface. A plastered pool will never date.

The beauty of this finish is that it can be applied to either brick or gunite constructed pools, either new or existing, in order to offer a cost-effective finish for customised (size and shape) pools that will complement the landscape through aesthetically and texturally pleasing combinations.

Taking South African Alfresco aesthetics to a new level.

Hotels, spas, and high-end homes have always used a fully tiled/mosaic finish to add elegance and glamour. Considered the ultimate pool finish, this trend is exploding due to homeowners being exposed to designer finishes through Instagram and Pinterest. It is rapidly becoming an extremely popular option as a pool finish in South Africa.

Initially, mosaics were applied as a border finish along the edges to allow for easy scumline cleaning and protection of plaster from the elements. Tiles are now being used to tile the whole pool and create endless different designs and colour combinations which result in beautiful pools with amazing splashes of colour. The result is easy cleaning and far less maintenance.

It is vitally important to make use of reputable pool designers, suppliers, and quality products to achieve a refined look in your pool, as failures of any kind can prove to be extremely costly. When choosing pool tiles, it is important to consider that they need to withstand being continuously submerged in water and have certain performance criteria. To anyone building a pool, we recommend specialised pool mosaics or porcelain bodied tiles; and in the case of Olympic or school-sized pools, glazed extruded tiles.

Reviglass is a specialised glass pool mosaic which Pudlo has supplied throughout South Africa, Africa, and India. They are proud to have been associated with numerous prestigious pool contracts, such as the exquisite rooftop pool at the Silo Hotel in the V&A Waterfront where the environmentally friendly Reviglass mosaics were used in a custom made design from Spain. Reviglass mosaics are manufactured from 100% recycled glass backed with a superior backing system called polycord to ensure impecable adhesion. Reviglass mosaics are also  classsified as zero-emission products due to their advanced production technologies.

Pudlo’s top tile choices include Marazzi Lume Porcelain Tiles due to the fact that porcelain has a very low water absorption rate. These tiles are worthy contenders for pool designs and their colours will not fade with exposure to the sun, depending on their glaze.

Whatever your choice, we will assist with the correct tile selection.

Beyond a reasonable Grout

On completion of the tiling, a specialised grout should always be used which should be both waterproof and durable. We would normally suggest using an epoxy grout which is a two component, easy to use, water-based epoxy tile adhesive, and grout. It is suitable for all types of tiles for pools including hygiene sensitive areas.

An ongoing goal at Pudlo is to achieve magnificent pools and help you create aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. Whatever your choice, to make your swimming pool dreams a reality get in touch with Pudlo and ask the specialists for advice.

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