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Maintain Your Pool Year-Round With A Designer Pool Cover

The summer season is slowly fading away and this means that it is time to prepare our exterior spaces for the winter months ahead. When it comes to your prized pool, be sure to invest in a designer pool cover to meet your needs.

Designer Pool Covers is fast becoming one of the leaders in the supply and installation of Automatic Pool Covers in South Africa – experts with experience in the supply and installation of Solar Slatted Pool Covers and Automatic Safety Pool Covers.

When your pool is not in use, it can be covered to keep it safe and clean. The cover keeps dirt and debris out of the pool, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs and wear on pool filtration systems.

Designer Pool Covers offers a variety of products to suit a variety of pool requirements. They have carefully selected partners in Solar and PVC Slatted Pool Covers, that manufacture and supplies pool cover systems at the highest standards and quality levels globally.

They implement various Automatic Pool Cover systems available on the market and have decided to opt for a Hydraulic drive-system for their Automatic Safety Covers that offer in-tube electrical motors for their Polycarbonate and PVC Slatted Solar Pool Covers.

Pooldeck Slatted Covers

The Pooldeck slatted covers offers a solution that is geared entirely towards your specific requirements. Skilled technicians ensure accurate measurements that guarantees that covers fit the shape of your pool exactly and that slatted pool covers are airtight and waterproof, and that they remain so even after years of use.

PoolDeck slatted covers can be installed either above ground as Top mounted installations or under the ground as under water installations. Both of these installation types are offering various installation variations, which should suit to all customer’s needs and tastes.

Added Benefits:

  • Safety
  • Economical
  • Keeps your pool clean
  • Fits most pools

Designer Pool Covers – English video

Designer Pool Covers is a South-African based company that specializes in the design and integration of Automatic and Manual Pool Covers. We introduce years of experience through our collaboration and partnership with PoolLock UK amongst other manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, both internationally and locally, in order to bring our clients products of the highest quality, with the most comprehensive warranty, at the MOST affordable prices on the market. We strive for perfection, accuracy and professional execution of every project or client that we engage with. Our attention to detail ensures that projects are managed professionally.

Posted by Designer Pool Covers on Thursday, 18 February 2016

The PVC Safety Cover:

A technically superior cover, it is supported across the pool by aluminum poles that are secured into the cover through sleeves. One end is anchored into place with removable stainless steel drop in securing anchor bolts.

The opposite end has corresponding Smartstrap™ ratchets which allow the cover to be tensioned and secured forming a safety barrier over the swimming pool. An industrial reinforced webbed drainage system allows rain and sprinkler water to drain into the swimming pool easier and quicker, thus eliminating a build up of water on the surface which can be dangerous for curious toddlers.

Added Benefits

  • Simplicity of Design and Ease of Use
  • Tamper Proof
  • Drainage System
  • Durable
  • Colours
  • Warranty

The Thermal GeoBubble Cover

The Thermal GeoBubble Cover is designed to utilise the sun’s rays to gradually warm the entire pool using solar energy only. It floats on the surface of the water, bubble side down, and can be trimmed to fit all pool sizes and shapes. This cover can be accessorised with a Rollup Station to aid use and extend the cover’s lifespan. A popular cover choice for school, gym and other commercial or large swimming pools with lanes.

With so many great options to choose from, be sure to invest in the best and maintain your pool year-round.

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