Refining the front entrance of a home

First impressions count; so, naturally, the front entrance of your home should make a memorable statement. Create a visually striking and timeless entrance – whether it’s understated or bold and dramatic – by exercising a little creativity. After all, it’s not just a case of having a front door which can be locked and secured. Entrances are like portals into your home environment and they can easily make or break a decorative scheme. Here are some fresh ideas for bringing the “wow factor” to your doorstep:

  1. Paint your front door a striking colour to contrast your exterior colour palette for a trendy and modern look.
  2. Include an ornamental doorway with decorative details that promote opulence and high class luxury.
  3. Minimalist interiors will do well with understated doors and foyers that boast clean, geometric shapes.
  4. Consider the walkway or flooring which leads to your front door; contemporary settings often include waterways, pebbles or gravel, while country-inspired homes might incorporate cobblestones or winding path ways.
  5. Beautiful, oversized vases or outdoor sculptures can do wonders to create a sense of character and sophistication.
  6. If you want to exude old-world splendour, arches and columns can be used to design grand proscenium-like spaces.

Be inspired here.

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