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Mar 13, 2013

Puzzle Chair

Creativity is extraordinary with the new PUZZLE from Cane Time. This architectural delight is comprised of FOUR lounge chairs, TWO sun loungers, TWO coffee tables and ONE occasional table. This is magnificent as it is NINE elements in a single product. It is compact and convenient and it is ever so stylish! PUZZLE oozes curve and comfort. The materials that make up the creation, allow you to curl up in colours that dare to contrast. puzzle-by-ego-paris_Elrui_48 Ego Paris, known for its outstanding outdoor furniture in aluminium  The Ego Paris Puzzle EM7 outdoor furniture collection includes lounge chairs, sun loungers, table, side table and a complete multifunctional puzzle. The “Full Puzzle 9 pieces” splits up as four lounge chairs, two sun loungers, two tables and one side table. Since colour is at the heart of the Ego Paris creations, the Puzzle Collection is available in a broad palette of colours and finishes.Puzzle Chair2 We want to take this to the beach and be seen! To see more visit cane time logo

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