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PowerPlastics: How A Pool Cover Can Save You Time & Money

Did you know that the right pool cover can save you time, money and maintenance? Here we share some ways you can save with a pool cover…  

Retain heat and save on warmth

The right pool cover can help to retain heat, saving on heating costs and heat loss. Some pool covers can warm your pool by up to 8 degrees celsius for free! No electrical heat pumps or solar panels required. In terms of heat retention, a thermal pool cover can help to heat a pool naturally, boosting performance in several ways.

Save on water

Fill up your pool less often, as a pool cover helps to diminish evaporation – meaning less water consumption and lower water tariffs. In fact, a pool cover can help save on evaporation by up to 97%. Not to mention, this is also great for the evironment.

Less time cleaning

A pool cover helps to keep debris and external elements from dirtying your pool. Certain covers do not allow for light to penetrate through it, and therefore algae growth is reduced. No more slippery surfaces or large chemical input to keep the algae from developing.

Save on maintenance

A pool cover can help you reduce your chemical usage by up to 50%. A thermal cover stops chlorine from dissipating in sunlight i.e. with a cover, any chemicals you put in the pool work more effectively. Consumption is therefore lowered as chemical wastage is reduced.

Save on power

Run your pump less often as debris and dust are reduced thanks to your pool cover. This means you will definitely save on running and power costs.

Save on time

A pool cover can be slipped on in a matter of seconds, saving you the time it would otherwise take to clean and prepare a pool that was not covered.

With so many benefits, it is obvious to see that a pool cover is the right choice for any pool owner.

Looking for a pool cover?

PowerPlastics Pool Covers manufacture an innovative range of swimming pool cover solutions, taking an insightful approach to product development and promoting a lifestyle choice, not just a pool cover. Their solutions are always innovative, directly addressing issues affecting South African pool owners. They are the oldest pool cover manufacturer in South Africa and the most trusted brand in pool covers, always ensuring that safety, sustainability and style are the core values in every pool cover solution that we create.

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