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Garden Inspo: How to Create A Garden Sanctuary With Indigenus Planters

The garden is an oasis – a place where we can experience nature in full bloom and forget about the cares of the world. Creating the perfect garden sanctuary is an ever-evolving art, but we can learn more as we go and develop a space we love. Bring interest and organic flair to your favourite outdoor spaces with Indigenus.

Indegenus brand photography, Cape Town, South Africa. Art director: Cathy O’Clery. Photographer: Mark Williams.

5 Tips To Transform Your Garden Sanctuary

  • Surround yourself with plants in various forms, shapes and colours. Plants have a way of bringing a fresh, organic, natural and soothing ambience to your space. Use plants to create the outdoor space of your dreams.
  • Design a landscape to meet your needs. Do you need a stone or cobble walkway, an outdoor seating area, deck, patio or more? Create a visual design for a garden sanctuary and bring this to life.
  • Choose local plants for your landscape. Become familiar with plants that grow in your region and incorporate these into your garden oasis. The indigenous garden is low maintenance, water wise and provides an eco-system for ‘wildlife’ like birds and butterflies.
  • Simplicity is key. Let your plants do the talking and become the centre of attention.
  • Invest in quality planters and pots to showcase your favourite varieties. This is a great way to add curb appeal to a front garden or entrance too. Planters can also enhance the architectural style of your home or office.

Indigenus design and manufacture beautiful, durable architectural planters developed to uplift and enhance residential, hospitality and corporate environments. These original and unique contemporary designs are generated in collaboration with leading designers, architects and artists who have a deep appreciation of the scenic quality of creative planting. The designers understand the impact great sculptural planters can have in an architectural site or landscape.

Striving Toward Quality

The defining element of quality is in the level of attention that is given to the smallest details in a product. At Indigenus, this concept is fully embraced and it’s an ongoing journey of continuous refinement.

At the end of 2019 they started manufacturing in their own factory so as to improve and better control the quality of planters produced.

“We sent our operations director to California for training and we employed Jan Swart, one of South Africa’s foremost composites and mould making experts to open our own mould shop and to start making international standard moulds.”

Indegenus brand photography, Stellenbosch, South Africa. Art director: Cathy O’Clery. Photographer: Mark Williams.

As with anything of value, things have taken some time to work into the products, but the Indigenus team are starting to see the fruits of their labour coming through and some of the issues experienced in the initial years with “crazing” (spider web cracks) and even cracking in some planters are pretty much a thing of the past.

A copper disc can now be seen on all newer moulded planters with the Indigenus logo and an individual hand punched serial number so it can be tracked. This way you’ll know who and when the planter was made, and the raw material batch details. They’ve also switched to FSC certified sustainable African Iroko in all wood products.

“Our goal with all of these improvements is to continue to blow people away with the quality and beauty that we can produce in South Africa.”

Client: Indegenus, Peter van der Post. Photographer: Mark Williams.

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