Corobrik: Noordstrook Affordable Housing Units Are Embellished With Brick

Image: Marcel van der Burg In amongst the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam, in the district of Slotervaart, stands a strikingly beautiful array of 170 affordable housing units, known as Noordstrook. Small studios and spacious six-room maisonettes alike, are enveloped in a beautiful patchwork of colourful brick panels, which imbue the surrounding neighbourhood with a lively and cheerful atmosphere. Noordstrook’s Brick Panels Provide Tranquility Amid The City Chaos Although the break from the monotonous, repetitive appearance of traditional brick facades is a welcomed change, these brick panels weren’t simply designed to serve an aesthetic purpose. Dick van Gameren Architects sought to shield Noordstrook residents from the noise pollution accompanying the nearby ring road. To accomplish this, they had to choose a building material that had excellent sound-proofing properties and create a façade with an extremely compact design. Brick was the obvious fit for this purpose, because of its dense make-up, which successfully obstructs noise transmission. Brick: More Than A Building Material Staggering vertical seams and alternating panels in the diagonal junctions ensured that brick took on a new form, and gave the traditional building material a bolder, more powerful appearance. By using texture-rich brickwork to construct the Noordstrook facade, Dick van Gameren Architects not only managed to transform brick into a sculptural medium, but also elevated it to become a defining feature of the Slotervaart district. The concrete façade panels, clad with brick, are an impressive example of how aesthetics and functionality can work hand-in-hand to enhance the lifestyle of local residents, and add value to the community. Contact: Corobrik


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