Cleaning tips for exterior face brick

As low maintenance as face brick is, there comes a time when a little bit of cleaning is required. To help the do-it-yourself fanatics Corobrik has put together a few cleaning tips to keep your exterior face brick as good as new. Preparation Before applying any chemicals thoroughly wet the face brick wall with clean water and rinse it with clean water afterwards.

Cleaning tips to remove mortar and mortar smear 1. Use a wooden or nylon scraper to remove large pieces of mortar. (Do not use a metal scraper. 2. Thoroughly wet the bricks with water, starting from top to bottom, using a hose pipe. 3. Dilute a solution of proprietary mortar cleaner, (as per the manufacturer’s instructions), and wash the wall with a stiff fibre brush. 4. Wait a few minutes and then thoroughly wash the wall down with clean water, removing all the acid residue. 5. Work from the top to bottom and only clean a relatively small area at a time. 6. If the mortar is still visible repeat steps 2 – 5.
Cleaning tips to remove lichen and mosses from exterior brick 1. Lichen and mosses can be killed using a solution of copper sulfate (1kg – litres of water) or a proprietary weed killer. 2. Boiling water or steam is also very effective in cleaning mosses. 3. Using a fibre brush and your chosen solution, scrub down the brickwork from top to bottom and then rinse with clean water. Remove lime and lime bloom with these cleaning tips 1. Follow the recommended cleaning tips for ‘mortar and mortar smear’. Easily remove paint spills from exterior brick with these cleaning tips 1. Apply a commercial paint remover. 2. Wait for the paint to soften and then remove it with a scraper (Do not use a metal brush). 3. Wash the wall down with soapy water and then rinse it down with clean water. Cleaning tips to remove water stains off of exterior bricks 1. Wet the walls with a high pressure hose and then scrub them down with a fibre brush. 2. If the stains remain follow the recommend cleaning tips for ‘mortar and mortar smear’. Remember to always be careful and wear protective clothing as many of the chemicals recommended are caustic, acidic or poisonous. Follow Corobrik’s cleaning tips above to ensure that your face brick remains clean and looks as good as new. For more cleaning tips check out Corobrik’s tips on cleaning clay brick .


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