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Nov 23, 2015

Captivating brick art provides endless inspiration

Captivating brick art provides endless inspiration Bricks aren’t only a great material for building. Corobrik explores how they can go far beyond their conventional use with these three fascinating sculptures that take brick art to a whole new level. Brick art by Brad Spencer


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Brick sculpture has been around since ancient Babylonian times, but this artist brings a modern perspective to this age-old art. This sculpture themed ‘Life is an open book’ plays with the idea of a conventional brick wall and uses it to represent an open book. We love how Brad Spencer captures the viewer’s interest by contrasting the three-dimensional children with the rectangular brick book.

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James Tyler’s Mosaic Colossus, which is over three metres tall, uses an assortment of ceramic bricks to create a beautiful patchwork of colour and texture. This sculpture demands the viewer’s attention with its enormous presence and lures them in with enchanting beauty. This breath-taking brick art is extremely inspiring! Gwen Heeney brick art
Image copyrighted by Penny Mayes

Image copyrighted by Penny Mayes

Gwen Heeney has combined both sculpture and seating with this brick art. Her bench is inspired by the Taliesin folk-tale, and this influence comes through in her work. It is almost as if the mythical-looking figures that are carved into this bench jump out at you and beg you to enter into their magical world. Who would have thought bricks could make such fascinating sculptures? Although brick art may have been around for centuries, it isn’t a common form of art that is seen on every street corner, and there aren’t many artists who can perfect the techniques required to make such intriguing sculptures. We’re glad these sculptors chose brick as their preferred medium as we wouldn’t want to see such magnificent brick art fade into oblivion. The low-maintenance and durable properties of brick will ensure that these installations will survive years of admiration. Contact: Corobrik

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