3 Top Entertaining Tips for National Heritage Day from Franke

3 Top Entertaining Tips for National Heritage Day from Franke. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a yummy braai, especially when it’s our wonderful South African delicacies that are toasting away. Heritage Day is here and we just can’t wait to light up our fires, and have our loved ones over to celebrate this delicious tradition. To ensure that your day goes off without a hitch, Franke has put together their top 3 tips to throw the perfect Heritage Day braai.

1. Don’t forget to check the weather The weather in South Africa can often be a little erratic, so it’s with utmost importance to check what the weather has instore, before you invite your guests. If it looks like it’ll be a beautiful clear day then start planning, however if there’s a chance of rain choose a venue that has a little bit of cover to avoid your braai day getting washed out. 2. Preparation is key to a successful Heritage Day braai Don’t get stuck in the kitchen whilst your guest enjoy the fun outside. Prepare in advance to ensure that you can sit back and enjoy the heritage day festivities by following these simple steps: 1. Prepare the potatoe bake and marinate the meat the evening before to ensure that it’s ready to go. 2. Make sure that the drinks are ice cold on your guest’s arrival, by putting them in the fridge first thing in the morning. 3. Lay down your table cloth and place the snacks on top in the morning, so that they are ready and waiting. 4. Build the fire an hour before your guests arrive, so all you need to do is set it a light and enjoy the company of your guests. It’s really that easy. 3. Remember your Heritage this Braai Day It’s not all about the braai… National Heritage Day is a time for us to remember who we are and how far we’ve come as a country. So it’s with utmost importance to display our Heritage by hanging a South African flag somewhere that you and your guests can see it, and be proud to call yourself a South African.
Have an absolutely fabulous Heritage Day braai by following Franke’s 3 tips above.


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