The MODERN HOME COMPANY’s Top Hotel Trends For 2018

The ‘Home from Home’ HotelFrequent travellers know that after a while you get nostalgic for home, or rather, you need to feel at home. It becomes important to stay in comfortable surroundings. And in distant locations, it becomes almost more important to find surprisingly familiar objects with strong personalities that are reassuring, elegant yet informal.

Gervasoni, Ghost furniture, hotel lounge area

Flexibility, customisation, practicality, resistance and character – hotels and resorts have become the manifesto of a new lifestyle, driven largely by the influence of Airbnb. Guests are rating not just cleanliness and comfort, but also a sense of ease as an important part of the travel experience.

Miniforms, Lem sofa & chairs, hotel reception

With indoor/outdoor living spaces, open bars, and large restaurants – many less formal ones containing communal dining tables – really good hotels are able to create perfect corners of privacy even in areas used by lots of people.

Gervasoni, Gray seating, communal dining table

Sofas, extra tables and coffee tables give everyone a place for drinks while high backed lounge chairs and ottomans provide more defined private spaces.

Softline, Basket high back chairs, Berlin hotel lobby
Multi-purposes spaces
Spaces often have to serve multiple purposes – for example, dining room tables and chairs can become games tables, or outdoor areas for sun-seekers in the daytime become cosy fireside meeting places in the evenings.
Talenti, Casilda collection, Rome palazzo terrace
Make It Feel Modern
Though guests want to feel at home, they also don’t want the occasional mess or chaos of home. This is where detail comes into play. Touches of colour, thoughtful lighting and mirrors can completely transform a living space, as can cupboards that are large enough to take their luggage, yet retain a domestic feel.
Apart from the bed, adequate seating is essential – if space is at a premium, include a chaise at the foot of the bed, or a fold up desk or side table with easy chair that doubles up as a work station.
Gervasoni for Kelly Hoppen, hotel bedroom
Spas can utilize area rugs and textured fabrics to reduce sound and enhance a feeling of luxury. Furniture is always the centrepiece so luxury fabrics which can deal with the salts in spa air on the sofas as well as ‘easy clean’ materials on the day beds help guests to feel relaxed and pampered.
Softline, Berlin spa
Communicate your brand
No matter what look and feel you are going for, it’s important to translate your hospitality ‘brand’ into the guest environment. Consider both how you want your guests to feel and how they want to feel. 60% of guests are traveling for pleasure and even when on business travel still want their accommodation to feel ‘homely’ so opt for comfort, promote community, and communicate character, whether it’s bold, colourful, fun, laid-back luxury or a combination of all…
Gervasoni, INOUT collection, Tanzania lodge hotel
Gervasoni, INOUT collection, Phuket spa



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